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Mission Statement

Mission of Office of Academic Affairs is to support and assist the entire faculty and student of academic affairs. We aim to cultivate students' interdisciplinary abilities and nurture students' professional skills by offering array of courses, undergraduate and graduate programs. The ultimate goal is to enhance teaching and learning quality in order to provide diverse learning environment to students.



The Office is composed of four subordinates divisions: Admission Division, Registration and Curriculum Division, Teaching Service Division, and Teaching and Learning Resource Center. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us. Our phone numbers are listed as follows:

  1. Admission Division: 886-7-601-1000 ext:1120
  2. Registration and Curriculum Division: 886-7-601-1000 ext:1110
  3. Teaching Service Division: 886-7-601-1000 ext:1150
  4. Teaching and Learning Resource Center: 886-7-601-1000 ext:1103

To all the instructors and students:

Please obey copyright laws and respect Intellectual Property Rights in terms of using materials for teaching, researches, assignments, and video watching in the classes.


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